Links worth sharing 10.09.09

Here’s a sample of what I was reading Saturday morning while having breakfast at Riley’s in Cedar Rapids.

The Goalpost problem – If you’re a manager, you must assume you have thoroughbreds working for you. Your job is to give them what they need to win their respective races, agreeing with them on the goal and rewards, but then getting the hell out of the way. Until they start jumping fences or attacking other horses, you have to let them run their race. – Adam Goucher

The importance of real-life relationships – It’s the twinkle of the eye or the arch of the eyebrow. The stammering speech or the blush of the cheek. Forgive the flowery prose, but that’s what makes humans so damn interesting: the little things that can’t be picked up through online interaction. – Mark S. Luckie

The Way It Is – No intro. Just click and read it. – posted by Scott Peters

Rescuing The Reporters – Clay Shirky

Why not take a moment to define success before you pursue it? – Because there is really only one definition that is put forward by society at large. Money. Ass loads of money. Don’t get me wrong here i think money is great. I like it a lot. But if you have the same definition as everybody else then you’re competing directly against everybody else. – Alex Bogusky

Serendipity… WTF? – The declinists point to a mythical golden pre-Web era of serendipity. They say that the way people read newspapers in the old days supported serendipitous discovery far better than a website can. They claim that the experience of discovering music through radio and club DJs was more serendipitous than the experience provided by online music sites. They seriously believe that bookshops and libraries made it easier to discover knowledge by accident than the Web can. – Tim from Made by Many

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