A mobile strategy for a local media company

If I were to outline a mobile strategy for a local media company here is what it would look like. What am I missing?

Product approach

  • Provide a unique experience
  • Focus on a strong brand, good performance, good design and provide easy to use services
  • Define business objectives
  • Be transactional
  • Make it fun
    • Gamify local news and information if you can

Audience approach

  • Recognize mobile users are task driven and formulate everything around that
  • Know what users are doing on mobile devices in the market
  • Sharing+Location+Socializing

Mobile content strategy around local news and information

  • In general
    • Define what’s in and what’s out. Don’t be everything to everyone.
    • Adhere to the business objectives
  • News
    • Daily flow of information for just mobile users
      • You picks
      • Community’s picks
      • Traffic/weather/breaking news
      • Easy submission tools where content goes live immediately
    • Quote of the day with some context
    • Events to go to right now, later today, tomorrow, next week
    • Daily poll
    • Social flow of local news, information and people
  • Sports
    • Information unique to mobile users
      • Scores
      • Video highlights
      • Games, player recaps
      • Best of local personalities/bloggers
    • Best sports performance of the week
    • Athletes/games to watch this week
    • Events
    • Social flow of local/national/collegiate sports news, information and people
  • Search
    • Local search for things to do right now
    • Local business directory of places to eat, drink or get service right now

Business model

  • Location based opportunities based on preferences, behavior
  • Coupons
  • Deep discounts
  • Virtual goods
  • Buy photos


  • Measure the quality of the interactions
  • Measure real-world interactions
  • Reward influence in real-time

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2 thoughts on “A mobile strategy for a local media company

  1. I know when I am surfing mobile it is because of 3 reasons:

    1) I’m in need of location based information – I’m at a place where I need to know something: game start time, address, lately where others are I know around me (like location based map info), whatever…it is specific to me right now.
    2) Weather – it is still had to get good, quick weather info on mobile. On the iPhone weather.com is good, weather bug on Android is OK – but there could be a great opportunity here too. The radar map is great when stuff hits the fan – but if I had a quick to load text based, detailed Wx…that would be great.
    3) Casual news – when I have a bit of time to spare, I catch up on info…if I could have my favorite stuff “bubble” to the top at that point… boo-ya.

    That is all I want Jason…when will you have it ready? 🙂

  2. I think you hit on all the important points. Let me be picky for a minute on the concept.

    What I see here isn’t a “mobile strategy,” but is an outline for a strong approach to modern news delivery. What I’m getting at is that success in the mobile environment depends on a fundamentally mobile mindset for every employee: reporter, editor, ad rep.

    In my experience, starting with what’s essential for mobile users and relentlessly simplifying around that core limits scope creep and maximizes utility. From there, it’s easy to add more traditional features and design for desktop and tablet users.

    So, if possible, get your team to buy into this approach at the fundamental level: their work is only as good as it is useful. If utility is the watchword, then the narrative and other stuff gains audience share based on habit and trust created by being there when people needed you.

    Easier said than done, of course.

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