A mobile strategy for a local media company

If I were to outline a mobile strategy for a local media company here is what it would look like. What am I missing?

Product approach

  • Provide a unique experience
  • Focus on a strong brand, good performance, good design and provide easy to use services
  • Define business objectives
  • Be transactional
  • Make it fun
    • Gamify local news and information if you can

Audience approach

  • Recognize mobile users are task driven and formulate everything around that
  • Know what users are doing on mobile devices in the market
  • Sharing+Location+Socializing

Mobile content strategy around local news and information

  • In general
    • Define what’s in and what’s out. Don’t be everything to everyone.
    • Adhere to the business objectives
  • News
    • Daily flow of information for just mobile users
      • You picks
      • Community’s picks
      • Traffic/weather/breaking news
      • Easy submission tools where content goes live immediately
    • Quote of the day with some context
    • Events to go to right now, later today, tomorrow, next week
    • Daily poll
    • Social flow of local news, information and people
  • Sports
    • Information unique to mobile users
      • Scores
      • Video highlights
      • Games, player recaps
      • Best of local personalities/bloggers
    • Best sports performance of the week
    • Athletes/games to watch this week
    • Events
    • Social flow of local/national/collegiate sports news, information and people
  • Search
    • Local search for things to do right now
    • Local business directory of places to eat, drink or get service right now

Business model

  • Location based opportunities based on preferences, behavior
  • Coupons
  • Deep discounts
  • Virtual goods
  • Buy photos


  • Measure the quality of the interactions
  • Measure real-world interactions
  • Reward influence in real-time

Some links I referenced for this post:


A mobile content strategy in action

Mobile is all about living in the moment, what’s hot and relevant right now in regards to time, place and information. Ever increasingly it is also about context such as personalized search and social engagement.

I’m doing some research today while working on a project request for a new mobile app (mentioned in this post) I’m pitching and came across this example of a mobile content strategy implemented by a hotel:

One major difference is telling multiple stories (web) vs. telling a single, focused story at a given moment (mobile). To make this happen, along with the functionality, the editorial structure had to change significantly. For example, for the mobile site, content that encouraged booking was prioritized, and the language became less marketing, more instructional. – Three things about mobile content

Do you have an example of a mobile content strategy that you’ve implemented?