A lesson in lean startup mentality from government

If the Lean Startup methodology can be, in its own form, put to use for domestic public policy than it can work for any industry, company or product. And you don’t have to spend half a million dollars.

The paper below – Test, Learn, Adapt – comes from a branch of the UK government who’s goal is to make government work better. It is a remarkable blueprint easily adaptable for any organization. A few highlights:

The reason – Create Value

“It is especially important in times of shrinking public sector budgets to be confident that public money is spent on policies shown to deliver value for money.”

The process – Listen

“The practical expression of this thinking includes the drive for greater devolution of policy-making, and the harnessing of markets to deliver goods and services. Encouraging variation needs to be matched by mechanisms that identify and nurture successful innovations. This includes sharpening transparency and feedback loops in consumer markets and public services, noting that these lead to the selective expansion of better provision and often the growth of smaller, independent provision.”

The loop – Measure faster

“Continual improvement, in this sense, is the final, but arguably most important, aspect of the ╩╗test, learn, adapt╩╝ methodology as it assumes that we never know as much as we could do about any given area of policy.”

Test Learn Adapt