One weekend, three NewsInnovation barcamps

3barcamps1In three corners of the country this weekend a tremendous opportunity will take place to help shape the future of journalism. But with that opportunity comes tremendous responsibility.

Journalists, technologists, web developers, students, tech business dudes, professors, professionals and others will take part in ad hoc gatherings for NewsInnovation barcamps in Portland and Chicago on Saturday, and in Miami on Sunday.

People have already submitted topics for discussion on the wiki sites for Chicago and Portland. But, as I’ve said before, it goes beyond just talking. The measure of our success has to be the number of actionable items that come out of our discussions, the number of ideas that lead to experimentation and the momentum we create to help move an industry that  needs our input, advice and ability to create cool things.

I, and others, like Greg Linch (Miami) and Matt Neznanski (Portland), will use the community site as a way to communication and keep a record of the happenings at these events and offer ways for you to particpate and engage. Please take part where you can.

More about NewsInnovation

BarCamp NewsInnovation is a series of unconferences happening around the nation with the goal of bringing together energetic, tech-savvy, open-minded individuals who embrace the chaos in the media industry because the ability to do really cool things still exist.

We also need find those people outside of our industry who love to consume news and information and are great thinkers and innovators.

Other regional NewsInnovation BarCamps have been held in Columbia, Mo. and Washington, D.C.

A national event, BarCamp NewsInnovation Philadelphia, is  scheduled for April 25 thanks to the efforts of Sean Blanda. He’s done some great work on the site and in putting the event together.

And, I just found this today, there are plans for a  NewsInnovation barcamp in London.

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